At Kush & Ølsen Labs we develop technology to drive new business cases and develop our competitive solutions. We have a strong International QR portfolio.

Dealing with both Online and Offline use cases we dominate technology in a variety of fields including: transportation, movie and film, ecommerce, mobile, encryption and security and scalable cloud architectures.


One of the challenges facing the Cannabis Industry is a lack of information for customers from seed to packaged goods. Misinformation on product labels can cause issues with customers, who are uncomfortable with higher doses, thus creating a lack of trust throughout the product line.

QR Codes can enlighten your customers: Your Process, Who You Are, Transparency

Kush & Ølsen can provide you with the bridge between offline and online media with our powerful QR Code technology. Our software can enable you to track a seed to the final packaged product, offering you in depth analytics along the growth channel. QR Codes can also tell your story, convey your brand. We are currently the only company on the market offering custom QR Codes to the cannabis industry, making your brand instantly recognizable.

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