Eagle Energy

Eagle Energy is a patent-pending caffeine inhaler containing guarana (caffeine), taurine and ginseng, providing the user with a natural Energy boost via inhalation.

We have taken all the benefits of an energy drink and remove the negatives to create an innovative product that delivers caffeine faster, without any calories or sugar.

Eagle Energy is perfect for someone who is always on the go. Whether you're on a long road trip, going for run, a surf or just want a boost in your day Eagle Energy is always within reach.

The Benefits

  • All natural blend of caffeine (guarana extract), B12 and ginseng.
  • No sugar. No calories. No crash!
  • Inhaling is a safe way to introduce caffeine to the blood stream.
  • The effects of inhaled caffeine are fast-acting.
  • Great tasting berry flavour.
  • Each Eagle contains 400 inhalations, one serving is 25 inhalations.
  • 1 serving of 25 inhalations is comparable to an energy drink or a coffee.
  • Eagle Energy does NOT contain nicotine.

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