CoCos~Pure - 100% Natural Coconut Water

  • The best tasting coconut water
  • 100% natural, no sugar, no concentrate, preservatives or additives
  • Single source origin of the coconuts to maintain consistency and taste
  • The water is made of fresh young coconuts, harvested and handpicked to strict requirents
  • All of the products are ethically sourced
  • Coconut water is naturally full of sugars, vitamins, and salts.
  • Very hydrating and high in electrolytes - it boosts energy levels and helps in rehydrating
  • It's a naturally gluten-free drink, also free from fats and cholesterol and low on calories
  • Coconut water helps increase the body’s metabolism and can act as an energy drink, but it's much healthier

The Benefits

One can of CoCos~Pure Coconut Water (330ml) contains twice the potassium of a banana and has also the highest concentration of electrolytes in nature.

CoCos~Pure is a source of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, proteins, vitamins B and C and glucose. It is also gluten, fat, and cholesterol-free.

It has been said that the presence of antioxidants makes CoCos~Pure immune boosting. It can also act as a natural digestive aid and a regulator of intestinal functionality.

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