How to Make Your Customers Hate You on Social Media (Part 2)

With so many people on social media now, it is no longer any surprise that businesses are seeing it as a very effective platform to gain more customers. However, a social media presence does not come without any drawbacks. Not everything you do as an active user on social media guarantees positive popularity for you. There are certainly a lot [...]

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Five Simple Tips for Social Media Success

Businesses need to be on social media in order to connect with customers and to engage them. Social media presence is effective in driving up sales, getting more customers, engaging customers, and ultimately raising social media ranking.  The good news is that social media success is not difficult to achieve. Just be sure to remember these easy to-do tips: 1. [...]

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How Does Social Media Affect Your Search Engine Rankings?

For most businesses, having a Facebook page is just a way to sell their products. This is an unfortunate way of thinking because you can do more with your Facebook page. You can increase your brand recognition, sell more products, and engage your customers on social media. But did you know that you can also rank higher if you do [...]

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How to Make Your Customers Hate You on Social Media (Part 1)

Social media is a very powerful tool businesses can use to gain customers and keep them. You can use social media sites and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, among others, to connect to your target market, to engage customers, and to give your brand a presence that your customers can relate with. However, social media can also be [...]

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Out of Content? Here Are Some Gimmicks for Content Ideas!

Creating informative, educational and entertaining content is always a challenge. It is no longer enough that you write well and can string words together. You would need to come up with something original that your customers would want to read. And in this age of social media, it is necessary for you to have content that your customers would find [...]

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Numbers Reveal That Your Customers Are on Social Media in Canada. Where Are You?

Numbers about social media in Canada do not lie. Canadian customers are on social media and they would like to see you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. More than 6 out of 10 Canadians aged 13 or older spend considerable time on different social media networks. If you zoom into those who are aged 16 to 26, you would find [...]

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What Is Reputation Management and Why Do You Need It?

In this day and age, one small negative thing about you, whether true or false, can hurt your online credibility and reputation. Once a negative news item about you makes its way through the Internet or social media, you can expect it to define you, your company, or your brand for years to come. All one has to do is [...]

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Things You Will Learn from the Best Canadian Social Media Campaigns

Many Canadian brands are using multimedia in their social media campaigns in order to reach more customers.  A lot of businesses were able to launch and run highly successful marketing campaigns in various forms through their social media accounts -- from breathtaking photographs, to viral videos, to unique memes, to trending hashtags -- and we ought to learn a thing [...]

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8 Website Design Features that Hurt Conversions

You have an awesome website with cool design and multiple features, but your conversion rates are dropping? Well, you might be doing something wrong. Website design is not just about how your website looks. It's more about how it works. The key to high conversion rates is finding the perfect balance between usability, performance and simple, yet beautiful design. A [...]

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Facebook vs Instagram vs Twitter

Social media helps businesses grow their audience, reach potential customers and engage with them, while building brand awareness. It's a powerful tool for increasing revenue and getting closer to your clients no matter of the brand or company you lead. The social networks offer multiple options for interacting with users and every business should take advantage of them. Reaching your [...]

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