About Us

KUSH & ØLSEN is a full-service boutique digital agency with unconventional DNA.

We are Creators, PHP shamans, encryption and telephony guru’s, strategists, tech-heads, scientists and everything in between. We are over 30 minds acting as one agency collaborating with clients to design, build, and grow sophisticated online business systems, off-shore encryption solutions & complex e-commerce applications for the mobile & web landscapes.

We offer digital marketing strategy, brand strategy and consulting, advanced SEO & content strategy, Direct E-mail marketing and Social Media campaigns and strategy. Consistently delivering top-tier products that utilize the latest tools and technologies from across the Web & Mobile to drive on-lines sales.

As Alchemists, we thrive on problem solving, masters of human-centered design and savor being storytellers in our client’s success.

KUSH & ØLSEN is always looking for opportunities that inspire and challenge our talented teams.

About Seamus Russell

Seamus Russell

Seamus has worked as a business consultant for the last 20 years and has successfully provided professional services for some of the top Fortune 500 companies across 3 continents.

He leads 30 IT professionals from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada in the creative space of digital technology.